Being a Tool for God

A couple of years ago I was on a weeklong silent retreat at Seven Hill and over the course of the week the retreat leader talked about our “Name of Grace”. That is, the name God has for each of us that taps into our true identity and character and calling. I have never been fond of my name so I was really keen to pray about my “Name of Grace”. Anyway over the week I felt God reveal parts of that to me and one of them was something related to being a “tool for God”! My wife sometimes lovingly calls me a “tool for life”! I take it in the spirit in which it is intended J


Being a tool for God might seem weird, but basically it was along the lines of God making me, and each of us, to be used by him for his pleasure and glory. Our total function is not just to be used; we are made to delight in God and enjoy him and his world above and beyond just being useful to him. However, there is a sense in which each of us are unique, and God uses us and our abilities and talents and gifts to help others to bring about God’s kingdom purposes in this world.


I own lots of tools and they all serve different functions and purposes and no two are alike or serve exactly the same purpose. Similarly, I am unique and God wants to use me in different ways at different times. The most important thing is to be available to him when he wants to use me. Just because I don’t feel useful or that God hasn’t used me for anything amazing of late doesn’t mean he has forgotten about me or won’t use me again for specific things. Each day we are to make ourselves available to God and offer ourselves and our lives to him to be used as and when he wishes. In the meantime, we are to love him and those around us and get on with whatever he has given us to do. At the very least, if we love him and others we will be fulfilling the two greatest commands. And he will use us for his good purposes as he sees fit. So be a tool for God and make yourself available to him each day. See what he will do.

Grace and Peace - Garry