Nothing Changes in 2019

As we enter a new year we go through that familiar time when people try to implement new changes; either dietary to recover from Christmas, or related to some new goal they want to achieve. One thing we are certain of in 2019 is that there will be change. Someone once said that the three things you can be certain of in life above all else are taxes, death and change. We all dislike taxes and we all worry about death, and many of us are fearful of change.

However, although we know this new year will bring changes whether we like it or not, and that some of them may not be pleasant, there are some things that will not change. We can draw comfort from the truth that as we face another year with personal, family, communal and global uncertainty, God does not change. Scripture tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and that he is faithful and his love remains. His kingdom is coming and his will is going to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

In this new year draw strength from the fact that your life is hidden with Christ in God, that none can snatch you from his hand. That no matter what comes God’s Spirit lives in you. We have a sure and certain future and we can draw comfort and strength from his presence in the now. There may be times that you will feel distant from God or even that he has forgotten about you or abandon you. But no matter what your thoughts and feelings, hold on to the truth declared by Jesus himself, who cannot lie, that he will never leave you or forsake you. Sometimes when God feels distant we experience him through his comfort and presence in others around us.

Jesus never promised us perfect health, no stress, no financial worries, no hardships, no challenges, no change. But he did promise that he would be with us till the very end, that he has gone to prepare a place for us, and that he will return to take us to be where he is. I hope this year brings you times of great joy, unexpected pleasant surprises, wonderful experiences and new areas of growth. But whatever comes I pray your foundation and roots will go deeper into our Triune God. That the foundation on which your life is built this year is Jesus Christ and your standing in him. May he draw you deeper into himself and may this year bring you closer to him rather than take you further from him. As the old hymn goes – “all may change but Jesus never”.

Grace and Peace - Garry