Parkside Baptist Church Mission:

love deeply, pray expectantly, witness courageously, restore relationally, equip effectively


Because of God’s saving grace revealed to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we seek in the power of the Spirit and love of the Father) to be a:

Worshipping Community

We seek to authentically worship God (Father, Son and Spirit) using all our God given creative ability. This encompasses all spiritual gifts including music, spoken word, art, service, and practical helps.

Prayerful Community

We acknowledge that we are fully dependent on God for all things and in all ways. We seek to grow in our prayer life as individuals, small groups and as a community. We humbly present our requests before His throne of grace and expectantly wait on Him to lead us within, and beyond our community as we intercede for our world.

Outward Focused Community

God has called us to be actively engaged in the spreading of the gospel and to participate in his Kingdom locally, nationally and globally. We seek to have a meaningful ‘footprint’ in all these spaces using the resources God provides so that His love and Kingdom is expressed through us. We seek to pursue God’s justice for the poor and marginalised in our world.

Equipping and Empowering Community

We commit to faithfully teaching God’s word so that all will grow into the full maturity of the Christian faith. We desire that everyone be equipped, empowered and released to grow in their individual gifts so that both our community and the world around us will be changed.

Restorative Community

We will be a safe place where those who are struggling, fearful, hurting or doubting can come and experience the love and healing of God in and through our community.

Inclusive Community

We seek to be a community of believers where every person, of all ages and back grounds, feels valued, and connected and can meaningfully engage in the body of Christ and with each other.